Institutes of Molecular Biotechnology and Organic Chemistry

The Glieder group

Prof. Anton Glieder is expert in the area of eukaryotic enzyme discovery and engineering for applied biocatalysis. Since expression of enzymes from eukaryotes sometimes is more complex than for bacterial enzymes, the development of efficient tools for enzyme expression and screening employing Pichia pastoris as well as the development of expression systems with freedom to operate on industrial scale gained a high research priority in the past decade. Key objectives are the development of efficient coexpression systems for multiple enzymes and genetically stable production organisms as well as efficient secretion of enzymes for facilitated downstream processing.

In respect to specific monooxygenase activities the main interest of the group is in the exploration of complementary enzyme activities to well established bacterial P450s while maintaining similar robustness of such enzymes as the bacterial P450s.

Glieder has published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers with >4,000 citations; his h-index is 35 (Google Scholar). He was awarded the first Dr. Wolfgang Houska award, the highest distinction for applied research in Austria. He was the organizer of several workshops and conferences for protein expression using Pichia pastoris and as a cofounder and CEO&CSO of the Austrian centre of industrial biotechnology (acib GmbH) he was responsible for the acquisition of 130 Mio Euro for research in biotechnology.

Recent top publications

  1. RMC Portela, T Vogl, C Kniely, JE Fischer, R Oliveira, A Glieder (2016) Synthetic core promoters as universal parts for fine-tuning expression in different yeast species. ACS Synthetic Biology
  2. Vogl T, Sturmberger L, Kickenweiz T, Wasmayer R, Schmid C, Hatzl AM, Gerstmann MA, Pitzer J, Wagner M, Thallinger GG, Geier M, Glieder A. A Toolbox of Diverse Promoters Related to Methanol Utilization: Functionally Verified Parts for Heterologous Pathway Expression in Pichia pastoris. ACS Synth Biol. 2016 Feb 19;5(2):172-86.
  3. Braun A, Geier M, Buehler B, Schmid A, Mauersberger S, Glieder A. Steroid biotransformations in biphasic systems with Yarrowia lipolytica expressing human liver cytochrome P450 genes. Microb Cell Fact. 2012 Aug 9;11(1):106.