Project Title: Study in the oxidative mechanism of action of the copper sites of LPMOs

Supervisor: Paul Walton, University of York, United Kingdom

Objectives: (1) To obtain new insight into the mechanism of the copper-oxygen active site of LPMOs; (2); To develop a SERS assay for the rapid evaluation of LMPO activity and action on polysaccharides; (3) To develop new synthetic copper catalysts which mimic the oxidative action of LPMOs on polysaccharides. These so-called bioinspired catalysts can be used to augment biocatalyst action, especially in industrial conditions where pH and/or temperature may preclude to use of certain oxygenase enzymes within an enzyme cocktail.

Expected Results: (i) Characterisation of polysaccharide chemistry/structure following LPMO action; (ii) a wholly new SERS-assay for the screening and study of LPMO oxidative activity; (3) trial new copper catalysts for evaluation by industry as LPMO replacements.