Partner organizations


BISY is an Austrian start-up company founded to further develop and commercialize tools for enzyme discovery, expression and engineering. These tools include novel yeast expression vectors and strains as well as whole-cell oxygenation biocatalysts.

Within Oxytrain, BISY focuses on the development of a P450 whole-cell kit as well as of novel yeast chassis for oxygenase expression and engineering.



Syncom is a global leader in providing the pharmaceutical and biotech industries with custom synthesis solutions. Syncom has an excellent track record dating back to the foundation of the company in 1988. We count both leading global pharmaceutical companies as well as small virtual start up companies among our clients. In addition to our pharma activities we serve the diagnostic, fine chemical, electronic and pigment industries as well.
Syncom provides tailor-made custom synthesis solutions. Primary activities include synthesis of key building blocks, route scouting services, process research activities, scale up, medicinal chemistry services and hit-to-lead optimization. On custom basis we also synthesize metabolites, impurities, reference standards and stable labelled compounds. Our services are backed up by state-of-the-art analytical technologies such as HPLC, GC, LC-MS, GC-MS and NMR. These technologies can be offered as stand-alone analytical services as well.

Within the Oxytrain program we are interested in oxygenated enzymes for the preparation of unique scaffolds for hit finding in drug discovery, utilization of it in the preparation of bio-based chemicals and, furthermore, process optimization of current and new routes towards medicines.



Borregaard is the world’s leading supplier of wood-based chemicals. Borregaards manufacturing plant in Sarpsborg is considered to be the world’s most advanced biorefinery in operation today.  By using natural, sustainable raw materials (wood), Borregaard produces advanced and environmentally friendly biochemicals, biomaterials and bioethanol that replace oil-based products. Borregaard also holds strong positions within ingredients and fine chemicals. The Borregaard Group has 1050 employees in 16 countries. As one of several new technology developments, a new pretreatment and serpartion process for co-production of water soluble lignins and sugar hydrolysates have been advanced to the demo plant stage.  One of the critical process steps in this technology is the enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose.  This is also the process step wih the most potential for further improvement (increase yields and reduce OPEX, reduce time and CAPEX). 

Thus, Borregaard is very interested in research and training activities of the OXYTRAIN project as it may create better knowledge of enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass, and thus form the basis for improvements of our biorefinery processes.  



Ingenza is a world leader in the application of industrial biotechnology and synthetic biology, providing efficient, scalable bioprocesses for the manufacture of chemicals, biologics, pharmaceuticals and biofuels, from sustainable sources. Our unique approach is based on the power of integrated science. Combining experts in molecular biology, fermentation and process chemistry within one team gives our customers an outstanding resource, unlocking and transforming opportunities into new manufacturing routes.