Project Title: Application of monooxygenases in denim dyeing and finishing

Supervisor: Dr. Jitka Eryilmaz, ISKO, Turkey

Objectives: Industrially applicable monooxygenases generated in close collaboration with RUG and UNIPV will be evaluated as potential biocatalysts for the conversion of indole derivatives to a variety of indigoid dyes. For the most promising enzymes and processes, an integration of the method into already existing production system will be conducted.

Methodology: The work will involve the study of industrial indigo dyeing processes, reproduction of enzyme preparations in larger-scale, and modifying the standard dyeing processes to incorporate newly developed enzymatic process. The characterization of the dye will also be performed by means of photospectroscopy techniques in house.

Expected Results: (i) Enzyme solutions applicable in production line; (ii) isolated indigoid dyes for chemical characterization; (iii) protocols for application of the processes on textile fabric as indigoid dyeing process; (iv) proof-of-concept industrial application of the method.